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Captain Pierre's great love of the sea is captured by his beautiful nautical art creations, which show in immense detail his avid perception and broad knowledge of fish and their environment. Working in bronze, sterling silver and traditional patina affords him great freedom of expression, while ensuring the permanence of his art. Captain Pierre's intimacy with the sea is shown in his artwork.

Having received his Captains license in 1958, Capt. Pierre has over 40 years experience both on and under the sea. He attended the University of Miami majoring in marine biology, and was Captain & Diver for the UM Marine Laboratory. Capt. Pierre started in the pioneer days of diving and underwater photography. He has voyaged throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean participating in major fishing tournaments.

His sculptures reflect his vast knowledge of the underwater in a refined, emotional realism that creates an instantaneous sensation with the sea.

Captain Pierre Pierce Marine Sculpture
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