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If you're one of those people who love the sea and everything about
it, you'll appreciate Capt. Pierre Pierce's bronze sculptures. Pierre uses his marine experience to intricately sculpt marine animals such as sailfish, turtles, manta rays, and even manatees out of bronze. From clay mold to bronze finish, each original work takes from three to six months, but if he already has a mold of an animal you desire, it can be completed in two months.

Capt. Pierce has chosen bronze as his main medium because it is strong and allows a variety of surface treatments. He also prefers it because of "its permanency; you don't find fiberglass or wood in wrecks or ancient ruins; what you find is bronze."

Capt. Pierce was born on the northside of Chicago in 1935. When Pierce was 13 the family moved to the mountains and rivers of Camp Hill, PA, he was absorbed in country life; fishing, catching rabbits and swinging on monkey vines.

Enrolled in 1953 at the University of Miami as a marine biology major, Pierce paid his tuition by selling fish for 18 cents a pound. He started a diving club and got a captain’s license so he could take people diving.

He worked for the Navy as an underwater photographer; did underwater sound for an Univ. of Miami study to differentiating between natural and man-made sounds.

In Louisiana he dove from oilrigs. In the Bahamas he helped unearth the Lucayan treasure. In South America he aided in underwater seismic surveys.

One of his most memorable assignments was with the CIA and Navy SEALS during the Cuban Crisis of 1962. Hired for a task force, Pierce smuggled people out of Castro's Cuba with scuba gear, a charterboat and a speedboat.

In all this he liked "the contact with the water, the freedom being exposed to the elements." His wife, Anita, also a licensed captain, puts it this way: "He's more fish than human."

In St. Thomas, at 127' below he set an unofficial record for free diving in the days when you swam down and back. Later, he and Anita became a team of fishing and charteryacht captains.

For 10 years they ran Bertram's company boat, Moppie. Each year they took to boat shows, tournaments and demonstrations.

But for the last 16 years, he has found a way to release all the experiences gained over his lifetime. His pieces have landed in the collections of luminaries and top anglers throughout the fishing world. He has created trophies for events such as Bertram-Hatteras Shootout, Schula Celebrity Classic and Libertad.

This depth of experience, devotion to the sea and a true artists hand in evoking the raging emotion and calm solitude of the sea, make his pieces a true art collectors dream.

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